The Amazing Health Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Running is one of the very best things you can do to improve your health, and it has numerous highly beneficial effects on the body. These range from increasing muscle mass in the legs to lowering your heart rate to help you to burn more calories.

But while all this is true, it’s not just the running that is so good for you. Equally important is a simple fact that you’re outdoors, which has incredible benefits all on its own. Read on, and we’ll examine some of these benefits.


The first significant benefit of the outdoors comes from the sun. When you run, you expose yourself to the sun’s rays. While these can be harmful in high doses, they’re also critical for our health in many other ways. For starters, they encourage the production of vitamin D. This helps strengthen your bones and improves sleep and testosterone production. The sun also gives us a healthy, natural glow from being tanned.


Nobody is entirely sure if ‘Earthing’ is beneficial, but it’s something that many people claim is. Essentially, the idea is that by coming into direct contact with the ground when you sit on it or touch it, you can help to restore the body’s correct charge, potentially combating inflammation. Some studies back this up, but they aren’t particularly rigorous in their methodology. Either way, it certainly doesn’t hurt anyone!

Fresh Air

Fresh air is also highly beneficial for our health. It has been shown to improve our circulation and improve our breathing generally significantly. It aids with sleep, and it boosts the immune system too!


Believe it or not, being in nature can also be very good for us. This is because it has a profound effect on us psychologically – basking in nature helps to encourage the release of ‘feel-good hormones and lower stress levels. It has even been shown to increase creativity, which is why you often come up with your best ideas while going for walks.


And even the weather can be good for you! Contrary to popular belief, getting some exposure to cold air is a good thing. It gently taxes your immune system, acting as a kind of ‘training’ for it and thereby strengthening it in the long run.

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