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    Alyssa Healy

    Why is whiskey so expensive?

    Markus Poole

    Besides the pure cost considerations, there are genuine variations in quality and taste that can be produced by different processes. This means that premium whiskies do not just cost more, they taste better to the drinker.

    James Carter

    Because the good stuff takes time

    Robert Grave

    A delicate balance game between ingredients, skill to create, time, supply, demand, quality, and downright knowing how expensive is too expensive

    Mary Campbell

    You make something that requires skill and craftsmanship, then put it in a barrel, build a storage facility, then leave it for 8 years or more.

    I’d want a good pay off after all that investment and costs.

    Patricia Marsh

    The demand has skyrocketed and there is lack of good barrels(for scotch), which is also the biggest factor for why the quality went to shit in the past 5-6 years.

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