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    Mary Campbell

    most if not all the people i’ve asked have preferred older cars in favor of the newer ones however i think the newer toyotas (and only Toyota) look nicer than than the older ones. cleaner and more convenient body design and better color options. performance too. Toyota motors are known for their ability to run for decades with no stutter (my current 23 year old Toyota gets 28 mpg and has 225k miles) most other car companies have opted to design cheaper engines with lower quality materials to profit more and in turn create less reliable and less “long term” engines. car companies now just straight up mess up or completely change car designs and they resemble nothing like the ones before it, change is good, but with cars a drastic change in a short time can completely destroy a cars attractiveness even if the people who own the “older model” love it and would buy another. this is all opinion and is based off my knowledge as a mechanic, i’m completely open to other opinions in the comments.

    Edit: A huge factor as well is workability and parts cost. toyotas are designed efficiently and make sense to work. parts send dirt cheap and are never in short supply due to their mass production

    Patricia Marsh

    I’ve always loved Toyotas. Toyotas and Hondas are all I’d ever buy. Maybe I’d buy a Tesla if I had the money but Toyota is the way to go.

    Irinushka Belova

    Toyota sets the bar for what a professional car company should emulate. If a single bolt turns up defective the company will issue a recall to have it replaced rather than let that bolt potentially endanger a driver’s life. If a better airbag system, seatbelt or widget comes along they will replace your old one free of charge!

    American car companies do a cost/benefit analysis on recalls because they care more about profit than human life. Fuck American car companies!

    This is why Toyota will win, in the long run, over all other car companies. The Japanese are doing it right. I will buy Toyota till the day I die.

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