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    Alex Litvin

    I know that the finest supplements is just a well-balanced diet. The issue is that my diet isn’t ideal, and I have a 9-to-5 job. I’m just interested what supplements others use.

    George Bennett

    The following supplements i take,
    innutrition gold standard whey
    -iso mass xtreme gainer,
    neurocore pre workout

    May i know which you’re currently taken ?

    Alex Litvin

    On Whey Kirkland Multivitamin

    Please let me know if you propose anything else, but I’m really interested in other people’s supplementing.

    James W. Wise

    Every body is unique you have to find your own optimal state. ON whey is a good supplement i my self use it when i was new Better to remove Multivitamin Flaxseed Oil as the same protein available in the ON Whey

    William Buckley

    I’m not generally a fan of Muscletech, but Neurocore is a true hardcore.

    Alex Litvin

    I feel the same way; most of my friends advised me to get rid of it, and now you’re saying the same thing. I’ll take a look


    I agree with you, however I had the similar reaction when I took jack3d. It’s time to increase the scoops. I don’t enjoy taking preworkout supplements, but they do give me that extra push to get going.

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