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    Julia Haas

    is 18 yr scotch worth the MSRP price?

    Terry Branch

    18 isn’t that high – that’s usually the top of the “core” range. 24+ seems to me where you get into the big ages and big jumps in price.

    18 is usually good for the money.

    Lillia Dotson

    Yes! (But only if it tastes really good. Otherwise it’s not worth the price).

    Cleveland Mcfarlane

    I’ve an open 44 which was great for the price. tbf, I did split this bottle with a buddy to lessen the hit.

    my current fav was a 31yo that I finished and fortunately have another 6 bunkered. this thing is absolutely epic. layering that’s not found in younger/later releases

    so for me yes, very much.

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