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    Bonita Peel

    This tastes very synthetic to me.

    Stefanie Stamp

    I have a bottle of their bourbon that I haven’t tried yet.

    Anaya Sherman

    Most of the American single malts I’ve tried are pretty bad…synthetic and sawdust are how I tend to describe them

    Anthony Knott

    The rye is ok, only thing I have had by them.

    Lillia Dotson

    Yeah, I’ve got a bottle. Thought it tasted a bit young when I first opened it. But it has improved a lot since. Very herbal, a big blast of cloves on the nose. Sweet and spicy on the palate. I’ve been enjoying it.

    Cleveland Mcfarlane

    I bought the rye and it was disgusting. I’m too cheap to pour it out, but it has been banished to the basement (did a review of them) and will probably be there for a while

    Gordon Salgado

    I have seven different bottlings from F.E.W., but I haven’t tried the American Straight Whiskey yet…

    Robert Grave

    Old Forester 1910 delivers a nice, thick, and chewy mouthfeel. The sugars from the char are really evident. The palate is sickly sweet with a heavy layer of burnt caramel and vanilla. Hidden deep beneath are dark berries along with toasted marshmallows.
    Old Forester 1910

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