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    Patricia Marsh

    I smoked on my 18″ kettle for years. It was my first smoker. Slow and sear works well. Snake method also works great and you don’t need to buy an accessory. If you ever needed to use the entire grate for food, you can rig up diffuser plate between the food grate and the charcoal, with either holes or air gap around the outside. If you search Weber kettle diffuser plate, you will see what I mean.

    One benefit to a WSM is the 2nd grate. You can actually grill on a WSM if you take off the top 2 sections and just put a food grate on the bottom chamber over the coal basket. So really, either unit can do both jobs. Keep in mind the Weber 26″ has just over 500 square inches of cooking space. The 18″ WSM has like 460-480. The 22″ WSM has over 700. For the price, the Kettle 26″ has more space than even the 2 racks on a 18″ WSM, both being around $400. Also the larger diameter of the Kettle 26″ may be beneficial in certain situations… Large brisket, etc.

    Jennifer Perkins

    Not exclusively but I used to til I saved up money for a WSM.

    It requires a lot of grill sitting at first due to messing with the vents to get the proper temps, and a lot of charcoal refilling. But once you do it enough, you’ll know when/how to set the vents.

    The only downside of smoking on a kettle is if you want to smoke a lot of meat. You can barely fit 1 whole brisket in a kettle as it is.

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