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    Bonita Peel

    Coffee is essentially a hot/cold water extract of ground beans, which extracts certain compounds that are soluble in water, including caffeine and all of the other coffee oils we love.

    What compounds in coffee are soluble in alcohol but NOT soluble in water?

    It has me wondering scientifically, what differences in profiles of terpenes, triterpenes and the plethora of compounds appear in alcohol extraction vs traditional extraction.

    For science lately I’ve been making super strong cold brew with cold water but then adding a shot of vodka in as well. I let it sit for 2-3 days and then strain. I have noticed the flavor profile is way different than without the shot of vodka. Makes me wonder what I’m extracting that’s not normally extracted.

    Btw, the coffee is of such a high concentration that when diluted with water and drank, the levels of alcohol I would be getting is 1/4 shot a day, so not enough to make it a buzzy buzz drink lol

    Anaya Sherman

    I don’t remember if he touches upon it, but James Hoffman has a video on making coffee amaro that might be of interest to you (if you haven’t seen it already that is).

    Samara Rojas

    I’m not a chemist, but every solvent will extract different amounts and types of compounds. Mostly based on polarity.

    Here is an article comparing water and/or ethanol in corn:


    William Buckley

    All I know is, when I tried making coffee infused everclear it was the most horrid abomination ever created. I ended up using it to start a bonfire.

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