The Last Trail

Zane Grey is unmatched in his ability to bring to life the harsh beauty of the frontier west and the passions of men and women who made a wilderness into their homes.

Trail Of Blood And Tears

In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, the Western frontier is the lush, wild Ohio River Valley. Here, a rare breed of border men pushes deep into Indian territory while settlers pour in behind them. Jonathan Zane and Lewis Wetzel are two such bordermen. And George Sheppard and his daughter are such pioneers–living on the edge of an all-out Indian war with constant, terrifying raids. But at Fort Henry, someone within the settler community poses the gravest threat of all. When a beautiful young woman is targeted, the two bordermen, each driven by their own motives, enter a duel with an enemy who leads them into the wilderness and back. . .to one final moment of horrific violence. . .

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