Top 10 Hypertrophy Resources


Training for muscle growth, a process called hypertrophy, is hard work and requires both time and dedication. Not only do you need to follow an appropriate muscle-building program, but you also need to eat healthily and plentifully, and get plenty of rest and sleep too.


If you’re trying to increase muscle mass, you need to understand hypertrophy.  Hypertrophy means building muscle by increasing the size of your individual muscle fibers, It sounds weird, but hypertrophy involves causing damage to the muscle tissue, known as microtrauma. It is the healing of this trauma that causes an increase in the size of the muscle tissue. If you’re serious about building big muscles, then you need to ensure you’re performing at your peak during every set of your workout. That means taking the time to warm up, so you don’t struggle at the start of your session, or risk injury by pushing cold muscles too hard.


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