Organic Home Gardening


Organic gardening is essentially gardening without using synthetic products like fertilizers and pesticides. You will learn how to make your garden fully organic and become much healthier and happier.


Are You Burning A Hole In Your Pocket Buying Organic Food?  Have You Been Wanting To Grow Your Own Organic Food, But Don’t Know Where To Begin? Would You Like A Healthy Lifestyle And Also Experience The Joy Of Walking Into Your Lush Garden?

Introducing … Organic Home Gardening …

You will find the following topics in this ebook :

1. What is Organic Gardening?
2. Creating Productive Soil
3. Layout for a Productive Garden
4. Benefits of Organic Gardening
5. Square Foot Gardening
6. Synergistic Planting
7. Companion Planting
8. Vegan Gardening
9. Wildlife Gardening
10. Organic Gardening Maintenance
11. Pollination and Gardening
12. Beneficial Insects
13. Pest Control Naturally
14. Integrated Pest Management
15. Organic Pest Control Recipes
16. Composting and Natural Fertilizers
17. Managing Weeds
18. Seed Swapping
19. Sustainability and Your Organic Garden


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