His to Possess

I haven’t thought about Lilah Cartwright in years. The last time I saw my sister’s best friend, she was a gangly thing with wild hair and shy eyes. So imagine my surprise when I see her at Club Rendezvous, a seedy place filled with even seedier men. Lilah is all grown up now and so gorgeous it almost hurts to look at her. But this is no place for a woman like her; I’m the only one who can help.

When I took Lilah home with me, I had no idea how much she would get under my skin. I’m not the kind of man who allows myself to be blown off course by a woman, not even one as enticing as her. My entire life has always been about control and getting what I want—but Lilah is making me want things I could never have. And my control is starting to slip.

One thing is clear—Lilah didn’t come to that club by accident. She’s in trouble, and I need to know why. Off-limits or not, she might just be everything I never knew I was waiting for. And I’ll move heaven and earth to keep her safe—so I can keep her for myself.


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