Goldie and the Billionaire Bear

Searching for her missing aunt is not going well. Goldie is lost in the woods. It’s dark. It’s cold. And her car is almost out of gas. So when she stumbles upon a hidden cabin, she doesn’t hesitate to break in, have a bowl of oatmeal, and climb into the biggest bed she’s ever seen.

That’s when the bear finds her.

The last thing Adrian Bear needs is a beautiful blonde sleeping in his cabin. But his weekend plans to locate his late father’s missing lockbox quickly veer into an attempt to help Goldie find her long-lost aunt instead. It isn’t only because Adrian is the type of person to help a person in need. But because the woman who ate his oatmeal, sat in his chair, and who he discovered sleeping at his cabin is too captivating to let go. She’s no catch-and-release. She’s a keeper.

source: youtube

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