5 Essential Remedies for Depression

The first thing to recognize when speaking of depression and the different treatments is that there are different types of depression. These types might require additional treatment to alleviate symptoms and cure the disease.

Depression and suicide are very much connected. Often patients who try to commit suicide are diagnosed with depression or mental disorders like trauma.

A significant event in a person’s life can result in ‘reactive depression. This is when a person physically and psychologically reacts to a problem powerfully. Post-traumatic stress disorder is an example; this can result in a cycle of negative symptoms.

Talking therapy is a perfect way of treating depression of this type. The treatment could be with a counselor or a psychologist. It could be in a group setting, or it could be one on one. Additionally, an anti-depressant might be prescribed.

A chemical imbalance in the body can result in ‘endogenous depression.’ Talking therapies are required, but this form of depression is more complicated to treat than reactive depression.

In the first instance, your doctor might prescribe several different anti-depressants. This will help make you feel sufficiently motivated to take part in counseling sessions.

Another form of depression is postnatal depression. If the mother wishes to continue breastfeeding throughout the treatment, it can be not easy, and the medication would then be transferred to the baby through the mother’s milk.

Depending on how severe the depression is, the mother might be admitted to a clinic, provided there is a mother and baby-unit. When treating this form of depression, it is best to keep the mother and baby together to continue their bonding process.

These days something that is used is ECT (electro-compulsive therapy). This can only be used as a last resort after a patient has been on at least three different anti-depressant medications without results.

To increase the chances of treatments being successful, lifestyle changes must be made. It is advised that a balanced diet and abstaining from drinking alcohol will help the recovery process during treatment.

Acknowledging depression and seeking treatment does prevent suicide. Positively educate people and provide helpful information about mental disorders and health issues.

The methods mentioned above are the most common ways to treat patients suffering from depression medically. However, aside from these, there is also a host of alternative therapies available.

Medication, counseling groups and psychology, ECT, and lifestyle change are all methods that can help speed up the recovery of someone suffering from depression.

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Vitamin B6 has also been found to improve depressive symptoms when used in combination with other nutrients, including tryptophan and a form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide ( 25 ). B vitamin deficiencies are linked to an increased risk of depression.

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